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  • I would very highly recommend The Training Hub for everyone that is seeking to enhance their knowledge in the care industry, the online training is especially relevant to the home care job role. We have used The Training Hub's online courses as part of our ongoing mandatory training and the online courses have proved to be invaluable to our staff.

    Craig Registered Care Manager
  • We are very pleased with the standard of the training courses. The information, the videos and reflective elements are all clear, educative and relevant to the particular courses. Our staff have had no problems when accessing and learning online.

    Elaine Adult Care Asessor
  • We have seen a direct positive impact on our quality of care and outcomes thanks to The Training Hub. They have excellent, quality training materials that are both engaging and practical. The packages that they offer are also very reasonable finanically, best value for money!

    John Registered Care Manager
  • The level of detail that is within the training modules is excellent, it has been exceptionally helpful to have such detailed reports. Our care worker feedback has also been very positive regarding the courses too.

    Nicholas Registered Care Manager
  • I have worked in the care sector for almost 20 years, and our homes have been using The Training Hub throughout a majority of this time. The in depth and informative content has aided our carers to be able to get a firm understanding of what is to be expected on the job. They are Professional, reliable and enjoyable! Keep up the great work!

    Phillip Adult Care Asessor
  • Our staff particularly enjoyed the insight in the Care Planning courses. The team over at The Training Hub are always prepared to go the extra mile to accommodate our requests, and are always prepared to offer their help and advice for any queries that we have too. Very fast, efficient and always courteous.

    John Registered Care Manager
  • The Care Standards 1 to 15 courses were clear and covered a wealth of information. It also had a healthy mix of both theoritical and practical information as well. All in all, a very good set of courses that is fundamental for anyone involved with caregiving.

    Elsbeth Registered Care Manager
  • The online courses were very easy to use and informative at the same time. Staff were happy that the courses were both interesting and educative. Furthermore, they also liked the fact that the courses were readily available to them and they were rewarded with a certificate given to them after the completion of each quiz.

    Hilary Registered Care Manager
  • An easy to use system, I will recommend your service to other organisations.

    Jabari Registered Care Manager
  • Excellent visuals and a good level of information pitched for online learning.

    Melanie Adult Care Asessor
  • The website was easy to navigate and the course material very accessible.

    Matthew Support Practitioner
  • The logic of the system works well. Easy to navigate the user interface

    Maryam Registered Care Manager
  • Very quick turnaround from buying the course, doing it, passing and instantly downloading the certificate. Excellent service!

    Christopher Adult Care Asessor
  • I found this course very good it gave me all the information i needed to run my business

    Rachael Support Practitioner
  • The customer service was a great help. Good course and good value for money.

    Nathaniel Registered Care Manager
  • I found the course really in depth and well set out and covered all that I needed to cover.

    Adenola Adult Care Asessor
  • Very accessible and user friendly, also very constructive and explanatory. Outstanding value for money!!

    Mohammed Support Practitioner
  • Training was very clear and concise, I liked the way it was placed into individual categories that made it easy to understand. Very informative and excellent way to keep up to date with the course.

    Carol Registered Care Manager
  • I have just completed an e-learning course about Infection Control. I thought that the course was very informative and detailed throughout, and I learnt lots of new information that I will implement into my work. I'd highly recommend this course to everyone.

    Saleem Senior Care Assistant
  • The Health and Safety courses were fantastic, they have extended my knowledge on this topic extensively and I now feel confident in managing Health and Safety.

    Gloria Carer
  • The Voice Over function was really helpful for me when accessing the courses, I am an auditory learner so I feel like I was able to read through slides and take in a lot more information.

    Wendy Care Support Worker
  • The Care Certificate training courses were very informative. They include lots of vital information and I particularly enjoyed the reflective elements as they helped me to stay attentive.

    Roger Home Care Assistant
  • I work within the care sector and I'm very passionate when it comes to people's safety and wellness. The training hub has allowed me to maintain my high standard of professionalism by renewing and broadening both my passion, and also my comprehension. Thank you for helping me to consitently broaden my skillset which I need in achieving my dreams.

  • I have dyslexia and struggle to read large chunks of information in one session. I used the Voice Over (Text-to-speech) function and this drastically simplified my learning experience.

    Kathryn Support Carer
  • From my experience, these courses are a great way to learn about a variety of topics that we typically often hear about, but perhaps not fully understand. This is especially practical when it comes to courses that are related to healthcare, as they help to widen our knowledge and also enhance our empathy for those who are under specific health conditions and rely on our genuine support. My personal highlight from the courses was the quiz' at the end, it really tested my understanding and motivated me to persist until I had achieved 100% in order to optimise an accurate understanding of a particular subject.

    Francois Private Carer
  • I am a health worker and found the courses to be great overall! The information was excellent which was tailored to cover both previous and current legislations that are in place.

    Richard Support Practitioner
  • The website was great and really easy to use, I was easily able to do a recap of all my care home training because of this, thank you! :)

    Robert Senior Care Assistant
  • The information provided throughout the courses was made simple to understand, whilst still remaining very informative.

    Daniel Carer
  • The Autism courses are really extensive. They have helped me to learn about different aspects of Autism, which has allowed me to grow my skillset in the care industry

    Barrie Support Assistant
  • The whole course was an eye opener for me i was able to increase my knowledge generally as far as Health and care certificate is concerned. I can recommend other people to do the same course.

    Olivia Private Carer
  • It took me time to master how to start following the menu but with great support from yourselves I am now flying with my training. The standard and quality of the training modules is excellent that’s why I persisted in reaching for support. I couldn’t go anywhere else for this training.

    Abidemi Senior Care Assistant
  • The course was clear, conducted and very informative. It was also easy to follow.

    Ada Home Care Assistant
  • I really enjoyed this course & found some info that will be very useful for me. Thank you

    Stephen Support Practitioner
  • I really enjoyed the course which was very informative and challenged my ageing brain.

    Margaret Carer
  • Very worthwhile course. Simple and straightforward to go through but at the same time, very informative and interesting.

    Ishaaq Support Assistant
  • I found this course easy to access. It's great you can take breaks and complete in your own time. It's a great refresher course!

    Eleanor Private Carer
  • The course was to the point, easy to follow and with the voice over was a pleasant listen, easy to go back over things too. The best bit is that you can do it in your own time.

    Mark Home Care Assistant
  • Everything is explained well in each section. You get your results straight away and instant certificate download.

    Freya Support Practitioner
  • I enjoyed the fact that I can do a section at a time without having to sit and do the whole course in one go. I also like the fact that the course has a sound feature.

    Adil Support Carer

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